What is underpinning?

Underpinning  is remedial repair work for structural problems associated with foundation movement.

It is a systematic process where extra concrete is placed under the existing footing on new appropriate foundings.

It is the only sure fix when a building shows signs of movement or stress associated with foundation settlement.



When may you need underpinning?

Floors out of level.

Door or windows not closing.

Cracks in plaster.

Cracking in brickwork.



What are the causes?

Shrinking of subsurface clays.

Inadequate founding of footings.

Large tree roots.

Drainage or water issues.

Drought or flood.

Substandard building practices.



What is the procedure?

Assessment of building including reasons for distress.

Design and document a systematic remedial repair including placement of underpins and associated works.

Organize plans and paperwork for permits as required.

Removal of landscape units as needed.

Excavate to suitable founding.

Building surveyor inspection and confirmation.

Pouring of new concrete.

Lift and grout building of new underpin foundation til original position or as close as possible.

Tidy-up brickwork or superficial repairs as needed.

Re-instate landscape to original condition.